Our Values

We believe in providing the best electronic products, with the best prices in the market. Handling your requests is our priority. Providing a solution for your problems is our obligation.

Company Story

It all started when I immigrated to Canada from China in 1999 as an Electrical Engineer. During my initial work in Canada, I requested Printed Circuit Boards to be manufactured in China to save costs, but the quality of the PCB I got was far from the quality of the PCB I had been using during my work in China. I realized that my colleagues were having the same issue, so I took it upon myself to solve this issue. I set up a quality control team in China, and in 2004, Overfly Pacific was born to serve clients all over North America.


The quality control team in China audits every factory that manufactures products for our clients. Our quality control team in China sends QA experts to work inside the factories with engineers during the production of our orders. Our quality control team also purchases the materials and components that are used to make our products. The materials and components need to pass our quality-checking system before they can be loaded into our manufacturing system.


During the past 17 years serving our customers, we have set up a large group of qualified manufacturing factories, and we now have the power and capacity to handle a huge variety of orders and with all sorts of requirements for our customers. The results of our hard work and dedication speak for themselves. Our company is able to provide CONSISTENT superior quality PCB, and our prices are even lower than the prices local Chinese customers can get from Chinese factories. This competitive advantage enables us to provide the lowest prices in USA and Canada, thus creating lifelong relationships with our customers.


Our company has become a quality-reliable cost-saving club for PCB manufacturing and assembly, and we are proud to invite more members to join our club and enjoy the perks of being unrivaled leaders in their own markets.

Jeff Yuan

— CEO Founder

Why Choose Us

Our Mision

To deliver the best PCB, cables and wires through the best turnkey service in North America for the most competitive prices.

Our Vision

To elevate Overfly Pacific as the main leader in PCB manufacturing and distribution in Canada and US.