One stop shopping for PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, wire bonding, components, cable/wire harness, and plastic parts/enclosure

High quality PCB fabrication and assembly at affordable price

Instant Quote for Standard PCB

Easy quote and online order standard 2/ 4/6-layer PCB, Quick turnaround, FR-4/FR-4 TG170 PCB.

Custom Quote for PCB

Online quote for full feature PCBs, Prototype to production, Up to 30 layer, FR-4 / High Temperature / Rogers / Flex / Rigid-Flex / Aluminum PCB.

Quote for PCB Assembly

Prototype to production, through hole, SMT and BGA, one and double sides SMT, source parts and parts inventory.


Quote for Plastic Parts

High quality injection moulded plastic parts and enclosures, Rapid prototyping, small to mass production, building injection mould.

Quote for Cables and Wire Harnesses

High quality custom and standard cable assemblies and wire harnesses, small and large quantity.

Outsourcing Services

Our professional purchasing teams located in both North America and China are ready to meet your any outsourcing need with our quality control system.