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OverflyPacific Corp/Ultimatepcb.com specializes in providing high quality but low cost turnkey service for electronic products manufacturing.

About Us

With head office located in North America, and quality control team working on sites in China, OverflyPacific Corp specializes in high-quality turnkey service for electronic products manufacturing at an affordable price point. Our turnkey service includes Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) fabrication, PCB assembly, wire harness and cables assembly, product packaging manufacturing, plastic parts & enclosures manufacturing, metal parts manufacturing, component sourcing, complete product assembly and functional testing. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified.

OverflyPacific Corp prides itself as a company that meets client needs and always ready to satisfy customers turnkey service requirements with quality materials and technologies in the market. By ordering our turnkey service, customers can enjoy one-stop manufacturing for electronic products and final product satisfaction guaranteed.

OverflyPacific Corp not only works as your vendor, but also as your partner. Please contact us today and get the value of your money.

Why Choose OverflyPacific Corp?

Reducing product cost is critical to a company, and manufacturing products in China can be one of the solutions to reduce product cost. But there are tons of cases that manufacturing product in China ended with disaster because of poor quality and issues. Since 2004, OverflyPacific Corp has been proved to be the best solution to enable companies in US and Canada enjoying low manufacturing cost but high quality products guaranteed. OverflyPacific Corps headquarter is located in Canada, and its manufacturing management department and independent quality control department are located in China. In this way, Overflypacific Corp filters out any potential factor affecting the quality of products, and solves any issue right in China. We are very happy that many companies consider OverflyPacific as a partner instead of a vendor, and we appreciate and understand how critical the trust and honesty are for a business. We have provided net account for all the customers willing to set up a long term business relationship, even for start-up companies, and we are very happy that we can contribute to manufacturing industry. We strongly welcome you to join our business family to enjoy cost benefit, trust, and honesty in the business.

Reliable 24x7

Customer can do business with us in our online system or in traditional way. If you prefer traditional way, you can send us email, and talk to our people, and email/fax us purchase order instead of placing order online.

High Quality

All manufacturing processes are under the control of our independent quality control department working in China.


We have strong ability to meet special request. We have so many cases that we worked together with customer to help customer get their bid.

The Best

Our objective is to be the best off shore manufacturing partner to the companies in US and Canada.

Contact Us


  • Address: 16528 20A Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada V3Z 0X6
  • Phone: 1-888-612-9722
  • Fax: 613-482-4902
  • Email: sales@ultimatepcb.com